Start feeling included

Companies and government bodies always need to prove their services and products usability. Yet, they almost only use the internet to find their contacts. But, what about accessibility testing participants who face difficulties using a computer or a smartphone?

At Access 2 Digital, however, we strongly value the principle of accessibility. So, senior citizens, people with disabilities, English as a second language or simply those who struggle with technology should come first. We will then make sure that we can all enjoy the same experience.

As a result, we are always looking for participants to help us with research studies.

What should you expect?

  1. First of all, the average testing time is 60 minutes per participant.
  2. The test could be anything from using a website to visiting a museum. Depending on the task, it could be done from the comfort of your home or may require going to a testing lab.
  3. You will receive an incentive (in cash or as a voucher) usually starting from £50 – £80 as a result of your participation. This is given to you right after the test.
  4. This incentive will not affect your benefits since this is considered as ‘permitted work’. For more information regarding your ESA (Employment and Support Allowance), please follow this link to Citizens Advice.
  5. Each participant can only be recruited once every 6 months.

What information are we collecting?

  1. We will need your contact details to reach out to you when an opportunity arises.
  2. In order to comply with the different studies, we will have to ask you more personal questions regarding your situation.
  3. All this information will remain strictly confidential, since it is only used to select the best participants according to what needs to be tested. Therefore we will never share it with any other third party or organisation.
  4. Because your serenity is our priority, you are always free to ask us at any time to delete this personal information from our base.

Be a participant for accessibility testing

The best way to register your interest is to fill in the form below.
Alternatively, you can also contact us by phone at this UK number: 07525 488 938.